David: Name meaning, Origin and Popularity

What Does the Name David Mean?

The name David has strong Biblical roots and means “beloved.” It comes from the Hebrew name Dawid, which means beloved in Hebrew and is derived from the word dod. David, the second king of Israel in the Old Testament, is a prominent figure in the Bible. When he was a teenage shepherd, he famously used a slingshot to defeat the enormous Philistine, Goliath. The Star of David is a primary emblem of Judaism, so the name has particular meaning in Jewish culture.

Origin: The Hebrew word dod, which means “beloved,” is where the name David originates. The second king of Israel was named David.
Gender: Traditionally, David has been used as a boy’s name. The feminine versions of the name, Daveigh, Davetta, and Davida, are less common.
Pronunciation: DAY-vidh

David Name Popularity History

In the US, David has maintained a constant level of popularity for more than a century. David has been in the top 35 boys’ names since 1880. The name grew in popularity over time, peaking in 1960 as the most popular boy’s name in the United States. For many years afterward, it was among the top 10 names for boys. But David fell out of the top 10 in 1993, and his fame has steadily declined. David is now rated 28th among the most common boy’s names in the US, using the most recent data from 2020.

David in Islam: Prophet Dawood

Pronunciation: Daa-wood

In Islam, Dawud, also called David, is a significant figure. Muslims consider him to be God’s (Allah) prophet and messenger. In addition, he was a righteous monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel. Muslims pay respect to Dawud for receiving the Zabur, or the Psalms, as a divine revelation.
The Quran makes sixteen references to Dawud, demonstrating the importance of this figure in Islamic teachings. Even though he is not regarded as one of the primary “law-giving” prophets, Islamic philosophy nevertheless holds him in the highest regard. Dawud is commended in later Islamic traditions for his commitment to fasting and prayer.

Popular Nicknames

There are numerous popular nicknames for the name David, each having a distinct flair: 

Dave: In informal contexts, this condensed form of David is often used for the sake of trust. Its friendly charm is enhanced by the professional usage of this nickname by well-known people like Dave Matthews and Dave Chappelle.

Davy: Less formal than Dave, Davy is another well-liked version that conveys a lighthearted character. As they get older, boys who are nicknamed Davy usually change to Dave, but some of them hold onto their energetic childhood moniker. The youthful vitality and playful humor that are associated with the name were personified by Davy Jones, a member of the well-known band The Monkees from the 1960s.

Dawid: This version of David in Hebrew gives the common name a distinctive twist. Pronounced “dah-veed,” it preserves the classic attractiveness of the name while incorporating a global flair.

Dadio: Dadio is a suitable nickname for people looking for something adorable and loving. This nickname, pronounced “day-dee-oh,” lends a charming quality to the name David.

Cakes Davey: This amusing nickname, which combines “Davey” with an adorable phrase, is ideal for someone with a sweet tooth. Pronounced “day-vee keks,” it gives the name a playful twist.

D-Dog: This lighthearted and carefree nickname fits a relaxed David. When pronounced “dee-dawg,” the name gains a little edge and is ideal for calm people.

Transform David's Nicknames to Symbols

For a playful twist, consider turning David’s nicknames into symbols. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Dav.]
  • Dav1*
  • D(av)e
  • D^ve
  • D@ve
  • 𝐷𝒶𝕧ị๔*॰¨̮ ♡➳♡¯ツ
  • ༺☆Ꭰǻꪩ𝖎ԃ☆༻
  • •.•.ᗫₐ𝑣іᵈ.•.•
  • Ⅾ₳℣łĐ
  • 亗D么VϟD
  • ׺ᴰɐꪩ𝑖ⓓº×
  • •.•.𝙳ᾰν𝚒ⅆ.•.•
  • D/\ve
  • D>ve
  • D\/\/
  • Dav!s
  • D.vi

Name David Across Different Languages

Dafydd :Welsh Daihbi :Irish Daividh :Scottish Daoud :Arabic Dawud :Arabic Davide :French Davidde :Italian Davito :Spanish Daveed :Russian Dewey :Welsh Davidek :Czech

Famous Davids:

David Bowie: An English singer, actor, and songwriter.
David Beckham: Professional football player.
David Cassidy: American songwriter, actor, singer, and guitarist.
David Copperfield: US illusionist and magician.
David Letterman: American talk show host.

Famous people named Davy:

Davy Sardou: French Actor.
Davy Spillane: Musician and composer.
Davy Kaye: English comedy actor.

Famous people named Dave:

Dave Franco: American actor and director of films.
Dave Grohl: American musician.
Dave Chappelle: American Actor and stand-up comedian.

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