Michael: Name meaning, Origin and Popularity

What is the meaning of the name Michael?

Are you wondering why you named your baby child Michael? Searching for a classic yet classy option? Michael, nevertheless, might be the perfect fit for you.
The Hebrew name Mikha’el, “who is like God?” is where the name Michael originates. The initial purpose of this question was to underline that no human being could be compared to God.
Michael, the only archangel named in the Bible, was revered in Hebrew tradition as having a special place among the archangels. He appears in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, where he is described as Israel’s guardian.
Michael first gained fame centuries ago due to the biblical significance of his name and the popularity of the saint who bore it. The name Michael has been used and valued widely since the Middle Ages in Western Europe and the 12th century in England. Think of it as a powerful and significant decision for your child.

Pronunciation: mye-kehl
Origin: Considering its Hebrew origins, Michael could refer to a “gift from God” or “who is like God.” The Old Testament contains a notable instance of this name, especially in the Book of Daniel.

Is It Common to Give the Name Michael to a Girl?

Michael is a name with a long history, popularly used by saints, emperors, and kings. It has remained a continuously popular option for males, ranking in the top 100 over the past century.
Between 1954 and 2008, Michael experienced an incredible surge in popularity in the United States, frequently ranking first or second. It fell a little, but it was still in the top 10 until 2017 when it came in at number twelve. Michael remained popular even in 2020, appearing at number twelve on the American list of boy’s names.
Michael is not among the top 1000 names for girls, although being used periodically for infant girls.

Name Michael Across Different Languages

Since Michael is a biblical name, it has an equivalent in almost all languages. Here are those variations:

  • Michel: French
  • Mikhail: Greek, Russian
  • Mihály: Hungarian
  • Mícheál: Gaelic
  • Michele: Italian
  • Michal: Polish
  • Miguel: Portuguese, Spanish
  • Mihail: Romanian
  • Michiel: Dutch
  • Mikel: Swedish
  • Mihangel: Welsh
  • Mícheál: Irish
  • Miguel: Portuguese
  • Mikkel: Danish, Norwegian
  • Micheil: Gaelic

Other Names for Boys That Mean "Gift from God"

Matthew: Means “gift of Yahweh,” and Yahweh is the Hebrew name for God
Zebadiah: God has bestowed
Zebedee: Gift of God
Abisai: my father is a gift from God

Biblical Boy Names:

  • Aaron
  • Abel
  • Abraham
  • Daniel
  • Amram
  • Simon/Simeon
  • Joseph/Joses
  • Lazarus
  • Judah
  • Manaen
  • James

Biblical Girl Names:

  • Sarah
  • Elizabeth
  • Naomi
  • Delilah
  • Mary
  • Salome
  • Shelamzion
  • Martha
  • Maria

Popular Nicknames

Michael is known by several popular nicknames, which include:

1. Mike: The term frequently brings up images of a strong, athletic personality, similar to those of athletes like boxer Mike Tyson or American TV personality Mike Rowe. It’s a common phrase that has been around since the 1800s and is still frequently used to refer to Michael.

2. Mikey: a less popular moniker with a lighthearted vibe. As they get older, boys who are addressed as Mikey may frequently adopt the moniker Mike. When actor John Gilchrist played a little child named Mikey in Life cereal ads in the 1970s, the nickname became well-known and helped create the tagline “Mikey Likes It.”

Famous Michaels:

Michael Jackson: King of Pop
Michael Jordan: Successful basketball career
Michael Bublé: Canadian singer
Michael J. Fox: Actor


Mike Majlak: Instagram Star
Mike Oliver: Sociologist and disability campaigner
Mike Ditka: NFL coach, player, and commentator


Mikey Anderson: American ice hockey player
Mikey Day: actor, comedian, writer
Mikey Boyle: Irish hurler
Mikey Craig: English musician

Name Michael(Mika’eel) in Islam

Pronunciation: mye-kehl

Angel Michael(Mika’eel)

Within Islam, Michael referred to as Mīkāʾīl, is recognized as the angel responsible for carrying out God’s providence and overseeing natural phenomena, including the distribution of rain. Alongside Isrāfīl  (the trumpeter angel), Azrāʾīl (the angel of death), and Jebreel (Gabriel, frequently partnered with Michael), he is one of the four archangels.

Is It Permissible to Name Your Baby After an Angel?

Is it possible to name our newborns after angels such as Mikael and Jibril? It is a debated topic. The general view among scholars is that males can be named after angels such as Israfeel, Mikael, or Jibril. While a few scholars advise against it, they do not state that it is forbidden; rather, they believe that it is best to avoid it. It is not permitted to name girls after angels. Why? Since it mimics the statements made about angels by unbelievers in the past. They asserted that Allah’s daughters are angels. Allah challenged them and asked if they saw the angels’ creation. Thus, it is forbidden to give a lady a name like Israfeel, Jibril, Mikael, or Malak.

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